R90EX-G GSM/GPRS Remote Temperature & Humidity Data logger

R3 995.00 excl. VAT

  • Model R90ET-G
  • Logs Temperature  and Humidity
  • SIM card (NOT supplied). Must be active for Voice, SMS and Data
  • Complete with Software
  • Features:

    • Remotely monitor any number of loggers via the internet
    • View live real-time data in your web browser from any connected device
    • Retrieve historic data in graph or table format with BMP or PDF export
    • Alarm records list with possibility to add Remarks
    • High and Low alarm limit lines on graph
    • Create multiple users and groups for various sites
    • Modify logger settings remotely via web interface
  • Download Product information
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  • ICASA Approved
  • R90-ET-G Temperature only with one external probe
  • R90-EX-G Temperature & Humidity with external probe
  • Local download by USB or remotely via GPRS to TronFlux server
  • Built-in GSM/GPRS modem (SIM card NOT included)
  • SMS alarming up to 5 recipients (User set limits, delay and repeat)
  • Missed call to return current values by SMS
  • Start on button press, time delayed or immediate
  • 65,000 record FIFO memory for backup data
  • High and Low limit settings with visual & audible alarm
  • Power supply by supplied 5VDC mains adapter
  • Battery backup by internal Lithium battery (approx. 3 days)
  • Size: 140 x 76 x 28mm
  • Includes LogLive local software, TronFlux (with MySQL and PHP) server based software for remote monitoring, probe, AC adapter, USB cable, antennae and internal battery

Important Note:

Due to the nature of the TronFlux/MySQL/PHP server software, installation has to be done by your IT departement or IT service provider. Unfortunately we do not have the access required to your PC’s, WAN/LAN networks and router to make the necessary changes to port and firewall settings etc.

WAN Requirements:

  • Your WAN must have a static IP address or you must be able to make use of a DDNS software (Not supplied)
  • A dedicated port must be opened on the router to allow bi-directional traffic
  • The router firewall (if enabled) must allow traffic on the assigned port
  • Port forwarding (or mapping) must be activated to direct traffic to the PC in the LAN where TronFlux/MySQL/PHP will be installed

LAN Requirements:

  • A static IP address or a reserved IP for the PC MAC address must be assigned to the PC where TronFlux/MySQL/PHP is to be installed
  • Firewall and Anti-virus software must be set to allow bi-directional communication on the open port as set in the router
  • Ideally PC should have a secure power supply and be left on with TronFlux running 24/7. Auto restart can be set in case of reboot and all loggers memory data will be automatically downloaded

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