Forehead Thermometer

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Forehead Thermometer

Digital Thermometer with Fever Alarm, LCD Display

With this Non-Contact Thermometer it is the easy and safe to detect a fever, accurately record your temperature in less than 1 second — without direct skin contact!

  • Reads temperature in Fahrenheit (F°) & Celsius (C°)
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries
  • Measurement range:
    • Human body 35.0℃-42.9℃, Accuracy For Human Body:± 0.2°C(0.4°F)
    • Other Objects 0℃~93℃
  • Automatic shut-off feature preserves battery life
  • Download product information.


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Product details
♥Effective distance: 5 – 8 cm
♥Measurement method: Non-contact
♥Measurement time: 0,5s
♥Temperature Range:
♥For Human Body: 35.1.0°C~42.9°C(95.2°F~109.2°F)
♥For Object: 0°C~93°C(32.0°F~199.4°F)
♥Lo & HI Display

1 Year warranty, supplied without Batteries

●For Human Body:± 0.2°C(0.4°F)
●For Object: ± 0.1°C(1.8°F)
●Use environment:15°C – 40°C
●Storage environment:-22°C – 55°C

Safe & healthy
This contact-less thermometer is the health check helper for every family. Compared with traditional thermometers, it can measure the temperature without physical contact. No longer need to worry about waking up the sleeping child while measuring the temperature. At the same time, it can avoid physical contact and help you stay safe and healthy.

Fast and Accurate Reading:
The digital thermometer can quickly measure within 1 second, which improves time efficiency. It is very suitable for temperature measurement in large-scale personnel places such as schools, companies and factories.

1. Take out the thermometer and open the battery lid to install 2*AAA batteries;
2. Keep distance at 1 cm to 8 cm from thermometer probe to the middle of forehead, please do not contact forehead directly;
3. Select measurement mode and click the measurement button to start taking temperature;
4. Reading displays on the screen after successful measurement.

> Power supply: 2 x AAA Battery
> Records: 10 testing records
> Automatic shut off: in 30 seconds
> 3 Colors Backlight LCD display: Green, Orange, Red
> Fever Alarm


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