Model 300 Laser dust particle detector


The model 300 air quality detector used to detect the air quality for the 4 particle channels : 0.5um, 1.0um, 2.5um and 10um, with two detection mode: Quality inspection(unit of the ug/m3) and Quantity inspection(unit of the PC/L). Also with the Temperature and Humidity measurement, optional function of the gas concentration detection, it can add 3 sensors for gas detection. It’s with the data logger function to record the historic inspection data.

  • Semiconductor technology of ultra low power 32 bit microprocessor, 24 bit ADC acquisition chip, so with the high accuracy.
  • 3.5 inch IPS industrial grade color screen, displaying each parameter.
  • Channel sizes:0.5um, 1.0um, 2.5um, 10um.
  • Support the Temperature/ Humidity sensor.
  • Different mode adjustable: quantity detecting mode and quality detecting mode.
  • Data logger function, the capacity is 100000 group data.
  • Optional function of micro printer to print the measurement data.
  • With the function of overvoltage protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, anti-electrostatic interference, anti-magnetic interference.
  • Chinese/English operation menu.
  • Download product information


Light source Laser diode(>100,000 hours MTBF)
Sensor Ultra high sensitivity optical sensor
Particle size 0.5um 、1.0um、2.5um、10um
Measuring range 0-9999ug/m3 and 0-99999999PC/L
Resolution 1ug/m3 and 1PC/L
Gas detection With 1~3 gas type(Optional)
Tem/Humidity inspection Temperature:-40 ~ 120℃,


Verification standard According to GB/T16292-1996 and ISO14644-1
Flow Rate 2.83 L /min (0.1cfm)
Sample time 30s
Measuring mode Quantity mode (unit of PC/L ) and quality mode( unit of ug/m3)
Detect methods Time detecting or circle detection is adjustable
Interface RS232-USB
Data Storage function Real-time storage or timing storage is adjustable,Storage capacity of 100 000 group data,can check the history data on the counter screen
Print mode Optional micro-printer, can reset the print period and print mode
Working environment Working temperature: 5 ~ 45℃

Working humidity: ≤90%RH,non-condensing

Power supply 4000mA rechargeable lithium battery
Explosion-Proof grade ExiaⅡCT4
Protection grade IP65
Body material ABS+PC
Size and Weight 220*85*55 mm (L×W×H),0.5 kg net weight)
Accessory Box, data cable, Charger, CD

Additional information

Measurement Range

4CH: PM0.3, PM1, PM2.5, PM10, 6CH: PM0.3,PM0.5,PM1,PM2.5, PM5,PM10


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