IEC60112 Tracking Index Tester

The Tracking Index Tester is designed according to the IEC60112 standard

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Tracking Index Test Apparatus

1. Introduction

Tracking index test apparatus is designed according to IEC60112, UL746A, GB.T4207, GB4706.1 and TMD3628. It is applied to evaluate the leakage resistance (CTI and PTI) of the surface of insulating material. Tracking index test apparatus is mainly used in the industries of lighting appliance, low voltage appliance, household appliance, motor, electronic appliance, instrument and etc. It is a good tool for research department, production department and QC department.

Proof Tracking Index (PTI): the voltage value of the material subjected to 50 drops of electrolyte without electrical tracking, the unit is volt.

Comparative Tracking Index (CTI): The highest voltage value at which the surface of the material can withstand 50 drops of electrolyte without forming electrical tracking, the unit is volt.

Test solutions: The preparation ratio is 1:1000, that is 0.1g of NH4CI with 100g (100ml) of distilled water

2. Parameter

Electrode material platinum (Pt)
Electrode pressure 1.0±0.05N
Electrode distance 4.0mm ± 0.01mm
Angle 60°±5
Electrode voltage 100~600V (48~60Hz) adjustable, the voltage would decrease 10% @ 1.0±0.1A short current
Height of the drops 30~40mm adjustable
Size of drops 44~55 drops/1cmadjustable
Interval of the drops 30s±5s
Times of the drops 0~9999 times adjustable
Leakage indicator During the testing, the short-circuit current is more than 0.5A to keep 2 seconds, then shut off current, it show the sample not pass
Standard IEC60112, GB/T4207, GB4706.1
Working studio 0.1m3 ( customizable 0.5m3 or 0.75m3 according to different standard)
Outer dimension 630mm (W)*390mm (D)*750mm (H)

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