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HD350: Pitot Tube Anemometer + Differential Manometer

  • Simultaneous display of Pressure, Air Velocity or Air Flow plus Temperature
  • ±0.7252psi range
  • 5 selectable units of pressure measurement
  • Max/Min/Avg recording and Relative time stamp
  • Data Hold and Auto power off functions
  • Large LCD display with backlighting, USB port
  • Zero function for offset correction or measurement
  • Store/Recall up to 99 readings in each mode
  • Includes Windows® compatible software with cable, 9V battery, pitot tube with two 33.5″ (85cm) connection hoses, and hard carrying case
  • English Datasheet
  • English User’s Manual
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Measures Air Velocity/Airflow in difficult-to-reach or tight locations

The HD350 is a Pitot tube anemometer and differential manometer. Measures Differential pressure in 5 selectable units of measure and includes a Pitot tube and 2 connection hoses for measuring Air Velocity/Air Flow. Additional features include data hold, auto power off, zero function, plus manually record/recall up to 99 readings. Built-in USB port. Complete with software and USB cable, 9V battery, pitot tube with two 33.5 in. (85 cm) connection hoses and hard carrying case

Specifications Range Max Resolution Basic Accuracy
psi 0.7252psi 0.0001psi ±0.3%FS
mbar 50.00mbar 0.01mbar ±0.3%FS
inH₂O 20.07inH₂O 0.01inH₂O ±0.3%FS
mmH₂O 509.8mmH₂O 0.01mmH₂O ±0.3%FS
Pa 5000Pa 1Pa ±0.3%FS
Linearity/Hysteresis ±0.29FS
Maximum Pressure 10psi
Air Velocity/Flow
ft/min 200 to 15733 1 ±1% FS
m/s 1 to 80.00 0.01 ±1% FS
km/h 3.5 to 288.0 0.1 ±1% FS
MPH 2.25 to 178.66 0.01 ±1% FS
knots 2.0 to 154.6 0.1 ±1% FS
CFM/CMM 0 to 99,999 0.001 ±1% FS
Temperature 32.0 to 122.0°F (0 to 50°C) 0.1° ±3°F/1.5°C
Dimensions/Weight Meter: 8.2 x 2.9 x 1.9″ (210 x 75 x 50mm) / 12oz (340g); Pitot Tube: 15.4 x 7.7” (390 x 195mm); Diameter 0.32″ (8mm) / 7.2oz (204g)