CCRC USB Temperature and Humidity Logger

  • This logger is used to record temperature and humidity etc of food, medicine and chemicals during storage and transportation. It is widely applied in process of warehouse storage and cold chain logistics such as refrigerated containers, refrigerated trucks and labs.
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Technical data:

Dimension: 81mm(L)*33mm(W)*14mm(H) / 3.2″ x 1.3″ x 0.6″
Weight 1.25 oz. (35g)
Communication interface  USB
Battery  CR2032 battery, don’t need to recharge battery
Battery life 1-2 years(it relates to Record interval)
Temperature unit: ℃ or “F (selectable)
Temperature measuring range -30℃~ +70℃
Temperature accuracy 0℃~+50℃, ±0.5℃: other,  ±1℃
Humidity measuring range 0~99%RH
Humidity measuring accuracy: ±3%RH(25℃,20~80%RH).
In other conditions, ±5%RH
Resolution Temperature 0.1℃, Humidity 0.1%RH
Recording interval: 1minute~24 hours (selectable)
Recording capacity: 32,000 Readings (16,000RH% 16,000 Temp.)
Record of time delay 0~6 hours, 0.5 hours/step
Circumstances suitable for logger: -30℃~+60℃. The LCD screen displays slowly at low temperature but this does not affect normal recording measurement. It can display normally when temperature recovers
Temperature status display interface Humidity status display interface
Max temperature display interface Min temperature display interface
Max humidity display interface Min humidity display interface
Volume status display interface Time display interface Date display interface
If there is no operation within 15 seconds, it will enter display-off status automatically.
If the logger is in a display-off status, shortly press the key to enter status display interface. When shortly pressing the key each time, it will change at sequence of the above display interface. In the CCRC temperature & humidity logger data management software, you can set its warning tone of mating inner buzzer.

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