601500: Standard pH Electrode (12 x 160mm)


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General purpose, standard size glass bulb pH sensing electrode

The Extech 601500 is an Electrode pH BNC Combination. This standard pH electrode includes a long 39 in. (1m) cable for hassle free use, BNC connector and storage solution bottle. Product has a 6 month warranty.

Specifications Range
Description General-purpose combination pH electrode with sealed gelled reference filling solution and detachable bulb guard
Dimensions 12.5 x 155 mm
Construction material Polymer housing, glass bulb
Measuring range 0 to 14.0 pH units
Temp. range 0-80°C
Reference junction Ceramic
Reference type Ag/AgCl (silver silver chloride)
Isopotential point ~7.0 pH
Precision 0.02 pH units
Connector BNC
Cable length 1 meter (39”)
Storage container Bottle