480400: Phase Sequence Tester


  • Checks phase sequence and phase status
  • Tests up to 600VAC and displays graphical phase orientation on the large LCD
  • Double molded durable housing
  • Easy to use alligator clips with wide jaws
  • English Datasheet
  • English User’s Manual

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Displays graphical phase orientation

The 480400 Phase Sequence Tester has a 40 to 600-Volt rated range for testing phase orientation of 3-phase power sources over a 15 to 400Hz frequency range. Multiline graphical LCD indicates phase orientation (clockwise or counter-clockwise) and whether each of the phases is live. No battery required. Comes complete with cable, three large color coded alligator clips, and pouch case.

Specifications Range
Phase Sequence Yes
Voltage 40 to 600V
Frequency 15 to 400Hz
Dimensions 5.1×2.7×1.25″ (130x69x32mm)/ 4.5oz (130g)