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Ash Sampler

With no moving parts, each CEGRIT fly ash sampler collects a sample from one point in the boiler duct. Operating on duct vacuum to drive its atmospheric-air ejector, the CEGRIT maintains near-isokinetic sampling to keep collecting unbiased sample as boiler load and duct vacuum vary.

The CEGRIT kit is supplied with basic sampling system, 110-volt heater jacket (if appropriate; see below), probe, inlet nozzle, and sample jars. This is everything you need to start sampling immediately. At least 1” WG draft [negative duct pressure] is normally needed (if duct pressure is positive an adapter is available for an additional charge and requires a tiny amount of plant compressed air), and flue gas temperature at the sampling point can be up to 1000°F — either upstream or downstream of an air preheater. When you install your sampler, the ejector nozzle area is easily adjusted to establish isokinetic flow, using a water manometer (not supplied) or other differential pressure measuring device temporarily to indicate flow through the CEGRIT.

The CEGRIT sampler collects fly ash samples that are constantly available for visual inspection by operating personnel and for laboratory analysis. Your CEGRIT samplers can help you achieve the following benefits: > Assess mercury capture by flyash > Optimize combustion for minimum NOx emissions > Save fuel by minimizing excess air while controlling carbon losses > Produce high-quality flyash for sale > Minimize labor involved in routinely sampling flyash > Avoid sample bias and time lag involved in hopper or ash-line sampling